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Mechajammer - New Name for Copper Dreams

by Hiddenx, 2020-07-26 07:21:31

The tactical RPG Copper Dreams is now called Mechajammer:

Mechajammer. High Octane Cyberpunk Turn-Based Mayhem.


Whalenought Studios:

Fleeing the galaxy-wide Ci-War, your party crashes onto the jungle colony Calitana, where syndicates and the gun control the streets.

Master the mayhem of simultaneous turn-based combat with a huge variety of skills and squad-based tactics for on-the-fly command of units.

Your fight for survival means arming yourself and your operatives. Navigate the oppressive regimes of the city streets and delve deep into the ruins of syndicate tombs buried under centuries of war.

There's more than one way off the colony, how will you carve your path?

The Copper Dreams project gets a new name to go with its shiny coat of paint and ruleset as we begin to complete main sections of the game. More info to come! Death-match modes now available for testing and glory.

Hope this reaches you all in good health,
Hannah & Joe

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