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Mechajammer - New Demo

by Redglyph, 2021-10-01 19:10:49

Whalenought Studios has prepared a new demo of Mechajammer for Steam Next Fest.

Mechajammer has a brand new demo for Steam Next Fest

Play it today to familiarize yourself with the core mechanics of the game

Steam Next Fest has arrived and so have we with a new tutorial demo for you to get to grips with in preparation for when the full game is released. It should give you a taste of the different tactic styles you can deploy in order to traverse the grungy deadly sectors of Calitana.

Let's look at the features of this demo:

Stealth mechanics:

You can choose to tackle obstacles (both alive and dead) head-on but it may benefit you to be aware of how you can use stealth to heighten your advantage of survival.
Sneaking past enemies, using the surrounding environment to escape hostile situations, and finding different ways to break into secret syndicate bases are just some of the options that lay before you.

Enemy targeting:

Plan and prep your attack. Multiple modes of attack and weapons' to use depending on the situation.


You control your character, as well as up to 4 squads of companions, who are controlled by AI but can be given instructions.

Squad commands:

This demo will show you how to organize, and direct your party.


Link to the store for the demo.

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