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Mechajammer - Release Date Announced

by Redglyph, 2021-11-13 20:33:22

Whalenought Studios announced that Mechajammer would release soon.

A Date For Your Diaries: Mechajammer Will Launch December 2nd, 2021

Our isometric open-world cyberpunk CRPG, just in time for Christmas.

It's the news you've been waiting for.

As part of The MIX Next showcase, which aired over the weekend, we've dropped a new teaser trailer for Mechajammer, officially revealing that the game will be available from December 2nd, 2021.


In case you've been living under some form of a large rock, Mechajammer is an isometric cyberpunk CRPG, set in a far-future Earth that has been ravaged by overcrowding, pollution, and war. Mechajammer ​takes place on Calitana, a low-tech mining colony with a central city carved out of the planet’s dense jungles. The Ci-War and the Syndicates’ abuse of power have lasted so long that they have become a fixture of everyday life, and humans struggle through the sorrows and triumphs of life with the threat of violence never far from their periphery.


If that's not enough, from next week - and the run-up to launch - we will be starting a Feature Deep Dive series that delves into the nitty of the game so you are as prepared as possible for Mechajammer's launch.

Look out for that very soon...

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