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Mechajammer - Patch 1.08

by Redglyph, 2022-02-11 17:24:33

Whalenought Studios have released the next patch for Mechajammer.

Mechajammer | V1.08 Patch Notes

Hexagonal grid, new coat colours, passing time & more!

Welcome to the Mechajammer v1.08 patch! There's a long list of new features, improvements and fixes!

Load up a game now to try out tile mode - where you can play on a hexagonal grid! You've also been asking about changing the colour of your characters coats for a while now, v1.08 lets you rid of your green jacket for an array of other colours.

There's not just visual changes in this update, but lots of balances to gameplay. Let us know how you find v1.08 over on the Mechajammer discord.

Features Added

  • Added menu to rest to pass time and heal life, although at the risk of random encounters
  • Added Tile Mode option for combat where players can play on a hexagonal grid
  • Notepad can open during dialogue
  • Can switch between walk UI and target UI in combat with hotkey for leading shot clarity
  • Companions and player pathfind around fire, oil, acid, electric sparks and traps, unless there are no other routes available
  • Can hire companions from allied gangs that use range weapons
  • Can change player's coat color in character sheet and character creation
  • Can name saves in Save/Load menu


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