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Mechajammer - Linux Version Released

by Redglyph, 2022-02-17 16:34:54

Whalenought Studios and Modern Wolf have announced that the Linux version of Mechajammer was available.

Mechajammer | The Linux Version Has Landed!

And with it, a couple of additional fixes and improvements.

The Linux version of Mechajammer is here!

To our Linux community: thank you for patiently waiting to play or pick up Mechajammer, we hope that because of this wait, you're able to have a more stable build in your hands and a better experience overall.

We've had a few questions about why the timing of the Linux release had changed, and we'd like to give you some clarity on that.

After launch, we had to shift our focus to fixing pressing issues for those who were already experiencing the game. We were waiting on a different QA team to our regular testers to review and let us know it was ready to go live. For us, the Linux build has been around the corner and ready to release for a while. Unfortunately, we've had to wait on external parties for longer than we anticipated.

We can't wait for you to experience roaming the streets of Calitana and join with the rest of the community in solving puzzles, working out best character builds and fighting rats.

Testing has been difficult on Linux, and while it should now have parity with other platforms in terms of stability, if you come across any issues in the game, please head to the official Discord server to leave a bug report.

The recent push to main that we're calling v1.81 also comes with a few hot fixes, listed below:

  • Fixed an issue with vehicles where a pooling bug can lead to them not show up at all over time with character/NPC use, or show up invisibly while stationary or with drivers
  • Fixed visual anomaly with hitting non-combatants with vehicles where they pop between two tiles

As always, huge thanks. And until next time.

— Whalenought Studios & Modern Wolf

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