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Might & Magic VII - Amber Island Mod released

by Hiddenx, 2024-06-09 15:41:15

Wizard Worm reports that the Amber Island mod for Might & Magic VII has been released:

Might and Magic VII: Amber Island Is Finally Released And It's Free!

Might and Magic: Amber Island - Release Trailer

Dive into the crisis at the heart of Amber Island, where Archmage Magnus has caused chaos with a powerful mist machine. This device blankets the surrounding seas in a disruptive fog, damaging trade and endangering lives as part of his sinister extortion. With the economy in jeopardy and political neutrality at risk, local authorities have placed a desperate bounty on the elusive archmage.

A band of heroes, drawn by the lure of fortune and adventure, are needed. Will you answer the call to navigate this mystical, mist-covered island, outsmart goblins, and stop Magnus's dark magic to restore peace and prosperity?

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