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Mount & Blade II - Bannerlord and ChatGPT

by Silver, 2023-01-19 19:11:37

This video showcases ChatGPT in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord by simulating NPC interactions dynamically.

The following video will demonstrate the using ChatGPT in Bannerlord with a custom build story engine for NPC dialogue interactions. SECOND VIDEO(more characters, professions etc):

In the video, we will go to Battanian village, Imlagh and start chatting with random NPC's. NOTHING is scripted in this video. This implementation allows the player to interact with random NPC's in the game directly by typing, in a more natural way. All the stories in here are generated on the fly, with correct information (factions, locations, occupations, near-by events, rulers etc) with a custom story engine and ChatGPT. They provide you information about the world they are living in.

This is a demonstration project for showing the possible future of RPG Games and the way we interact with NPC's. I also added, "word by word" text processor to give amplify the "chat" behavior for NPC's (similar to ChatGPT's built-in system) and gave mouth/face animations for NPC's to make them look more alive. Sorry for the typos in my inputs, I was trying to be coherent and fast while typing :) Overall it took 2-3 days to finish, including custom story engines and such. But it's still not finished. More videos will come soon (With Imperial towns, taverns etc)

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