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Neverwinter Nights: EE - Tyrants of the Moonsea Review

by Silver, 2020-02-04 06:02:03

Angry Duck Gamer reviewed premium module Tyrants of the Moonsea for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

A Story Set In The Moonsea

Tyrants of the Moonsea is an adventure across the whole Moonsea region, where life is very harsh. It’s a terrible land in the Northern part of Faêrun that is plagued by one of the largest criminal groups of Faêrun, the Zhentarim. The few cities free from the influence of the Zhentarim are not better off, though. Most of them are controlled by other evil tyrants.

When the protagonist arrives in the region escorting a merchant, the situation gets even worse. A strange cult is using demons to attack cities and roads and it seems that a conflict between the Zhentarim and Hilllsfar, a city ruled by the evil wizard Maalthiir, may be inevitable. The presence of the cultists is creating mistrust among the rulers of these lands and the current situation is tense.

Soon, the protagonist is joined by a colorful cast of characters: a wizard who is the bastard son of a Waterdeep lord, an amnesiac undead rogue and a mysterious knight who hails from Mulmaster. Guided by an elven Harper, the player’s mission is to discover what is happening in the region and how to prevent the massacre from getting worse.


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