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NieR: Automata - Best Games of 2017 @ Polygon

by Hiddenx, 2018-01-09 20:58:42

Charles Webb, Senior Writer at Hangar 13 Games, talks about Nier: Automata and humanity at Polygon:

Nier: Automata’s robots remind us that being human isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be

The co-writer of Mafia 3 on Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata, an action RPG about weaponized fetish dolls, is one of the saddest games ever made. It is a tragedy riddled with dead parents, dead gods and the death of self. Yoko Taro, the game’s writer and director, has made a deeply anxious game about death.

[This article contains spoilers for Nier: Automata.]


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