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Non-RPG General News - SOF: Enemy from the Future

by Hiddenx, 2024-07-04 21:13:45

The Turn Based Lovers checked out SOF: Enemy from the Future:


I know everyone is eagerly waiting for what now seems like an increasingly unlikely announcement of XCOM 3. However, to be honest, there are a few alternatives to kill time and/or distract ourselves from the future of the Firaxis series. Today, in fact, I’m introducing another strategy RPG that can genuinely be tagged as XCOM-Like.

It’s called SOF: Enemy from the Future, developed by QuadCom Interactive—the same team behind Ram Pressure. Set in a world invaded by an alien threat from a parallel universe, players command a Special Forces squad from the Russian Federation.

The game combines strategic base management with intense tactical combat missions, challenging players to complete diverse tasks like sabotaging enemy infrastructure and rescuing hostages. Unique skill combinations and a Jagged Alliance-like precision targeting system, allow for varied and dynamic gameplay.

There is a demo version available so you can try the game, while Early Access is expected for August 2024 on PC via Steam. Below, you can find an overview with screens and a Trailer.


Thanks Couchpotato!

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