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Pantheon - Update# 12, The Timeline of Terminus

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-24 01:21:14

Visionary Realms has posted a new update for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with information about games timeline.

The Timeline of Terminus

The Celestial Era

Before the age of Pantheons there was the Celestial Era, a time where one deity would rise to rule the universe. Although her true name is unrecorded, her followers, the Celestials, came to name her Nexus. Over many millennia the Celestial war wizards of Terminus spread her influence across the universe eventually forcing all other civilizations and pantheons to bow before her might and benevolence. Under the gaze of Nexus, peace reigned for centuries until the corruption of Myraxys began to take form.

The Dark Era

From dark regions within every corner of the universe, a mysterious and malevolent force began to consume the souls it touched. This sinister force overtook many words including the throne world of Terminus. Although she was powerful, Nexus could not keep the corruption from advancing. Using the magic called the Terminus Arcana, Nexus destroyed all life in the universe, purging it of the taint of Myraxys. And so the Dark Era came to a close. But as planned, a spark of Nexus remained and would come to form a new age on Terminus.

The Lost Era

The time before the first planar collisions and following the Dark Era was a near lifeless void. The universe of Nexus was nothing but rocks drifting in the darkness. It is during this time that the residual forces of the Terminus Arcana began to reform into a spark of Nexus. In time, Nexus was resurrected and using her divine powers reached across the fractured veils of reality to seek out new life for her dead universe, creating the first planar collisions.

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