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Project Haven - May Development Report

by Hiddenx, 2023-05-23 20:41:54

Henriquejr spotted the May development report for the strategy RPG Project Haven:

May Development Report

Attention Mercs, grab the latest insights into Project Haven's development progress.

Heads up, Steel Dragons!

If you've been downrange in our Demo during Tacticon, we salute you. Your debriefs have been pouring in and we've been combing through every piece of intel. We've already started patching up a few weak spots based on your feedback.

Now, let's bring you up to speed on the recent developments since our last devlog!

Level Design: Crafting the Battlefield!

When we embarked on the development of Project Haven, our initial plan was to use procedural generation for level design. We even posted some of the tech we’ve developed for it on this platform.

However, as time went on and we further honed the game's storyline and gameplay, we realized that procedural level design wouldn't do justice to our vision.

Despite the monumental task it posed for our small but dedicated team, we made the conscious decision to craft each of the 45 mission maps by hand. And now, having completed the vast majority of the levels, we can confidently say that the extra effort and time invested were undeniably worth it.

While handcrafted maps may limit certain aspects of replayability, they significantly enhance the overall experience. Having said that, we’re happy to report that our missions offer a diverse range of approaches tailored to different playstyles and squad compositions, ensuring ample replay value.

Environmental Art: Elevating the Visual Look!

Besides gameplay, an important aspect of level design is the look.

We have what we’d say is a fairly distinct look to our game and we want to bring it to the next level. With this in mind, we have dedicated some time to revisiting and refining every level, elevating them to their final polished form so we can achieve our unique artistic vision.


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