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Project Phoenix - A New Journey Awaits

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-13 00:51:31

Project Phoenix has been successfully funded. The developers have a new post-funding update with thanks, and more information on what is next.


It’s difficult to put into words how grateful and awestruck we are for your support and continued interest in our endeavour, Project Phoenix. What started as little more than a spark of hope and memory of JRPGs in days gone by has, thanks to YOU, become a blazing reality. Quite literally, our dream meant nothing if people didn’t share our belief in it, and it is overwhelmingly clear by the figures generated in just a month that so many of you want Project Phoenix to take wing as much as we do.

Now that you have so loudly declared your support, it is our promise to you that we will work ceaselessly to ensure that Project Phoenix is as awesome as it can be.

 You can still support!

If you missed out on supporting us during this Kickstarter period, please be aware that you can still back the project and receive all relevant goodies via our Paypal store located here: More importantly, they’ll still count for stretch goals, so we’ll be sure to continually update on the total amounts we’ve received and what that means for us being able to broaden your gameplay experience!

What’s next?

As you can see from all the updates thus far, all the questions asked and answered and all the very talented people involved, we’re going to be extremely busy in the months ahead. We humbly ask that you understand that we are, despite the massive task ahead, a rather small team. It may take us some time to process all of the pledges, but please be aware that each and every backer of Project Phoenix made this possible.

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