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Project Phoenix - Character Profiles & Final Push

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-11 00:45:33

Project Phoenix gives out more information on the games NPC's in the first update.

On the heels of the story update featuring Yoko Enoki and Bill Benfield, we've gone ahead and added some character profiles on the Kickstarter front page!  If you scroll through, you can read up on brief bios of Marcus, Ruffles, Sylrianah, Zarum, and Gorek which we've reproduced here.

And the second update reminds everyone the kickstarter will end in eight hours.

With each passing hour, we come closer and closer to the end of the Kickstarter campaign.  The road's been long, but you guys have matched us passion for passion with every step of the way.  Before things wrap up completely, we do have a few things left to do.

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