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Project Phoenix - New Concept Artwork

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-13 04:23:15

DualShockers has some new concept artwork for the JRPG Project Phoenix.

Quite a while has passed since the end of the successful Kickstarter campaign for Project Phoenix, and the team at Creative Intelligence Arts is working hard on creating the world for its upcoming JRPG.

Today they released a lovely batch of new artwork showcasing a revised version of Zarum and concept artwork for the Orcs, Demons, tents and the massive Kraken.

The artwork is by Kojim Moriga, TAKE-B (whose real identity is still a mystery), Jun Okutani and Yumiko Sugihara, and you can check it out in the gallery below.

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Project Phoenix

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Genre: J-RPG
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