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Project Phoenix - New Staffers and Tomoki Miyoshi

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-26 01:09:56

Project Phoenix has a new post-funding update with a new interview with Tomoki Miyoshi, and news of some new hires.

The past week has been pretty busy, especially with the madness of the Tokyo Game Show where we were able to see offerings like Titanfall and other future releases to help us understand where the game industry is heading.  We also delivered a talk on indie games which we’ll talk more about in the middle of this week.

As development continues, as promised, we’d like you to get a better understanding for what’s going on behind the scenes and in our heads.  Last week, we gave you all the opportunity to ask Project Phoenix composer Tomoki Miyoshi some questions and you guys delivered splendidly!  So with that, here’s Tomoki, in his own words with questions in bold followed by his answers.

Next Up: Artist Asami Hagiwara!

For next week, we’ll take a turn towards the art with Asami Hagiwara!  As we’ve mentioned previously, Asami Hagiwara has been responsible for many of the chibi designs you’ve been seeing in and around the Kickstarter (including the image at the bottom of this post!).  She’s also done artwork for MOGRA Paper, the monthly newspaper for one of the best-known otaku-oriented clubs in Japan’s Akihabara district.

So like last time, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have of Hagiwara-san.  Because of the time required for translations, we request that you get your questions in by noon, Pacific time (GMT -700) on Tuesday, Sept. 24.  We're all looking forward to your questions!

Takaharu Matsuo Joins the Team

As Project Phoenix continues to build up steam, we’re proud to announce the addition of Takaharu Matsuo to the team!  Now for those who aren’t aware of the work he’s done, Takaharu Matsuo is a 25-year veteran in the video games industry, starting out as a debugger for Japan’s Falcom Corp before moving on to do background scenes for such high profile games as Final Fantasy 6 and 7 and mechanical computer graphics modeling on Xenogears.  His more recent work includes titles as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and he’ll be bringing that graphics expertise to Project Phoenix.  We hope you look forward to his work!

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