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Project Phoenix - Plans for the Road Ahead

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-18 00:57:28

Project Phoenix has a new post-funding update about the developers plans for future updates.

Now that the Kickstarter portion of the campaign is over, we begin the long process of bringing Project Phoenix from the concept stage into its final form and blazing glory!  Naturally, we’ll keep you all up to date with what’s going on in the back end, giving you more peeks into the developmental process, whether it’s gameplay, artwork, or story.

From here on out, you can expect an update every Monday through a developer's diary format along with maybe a few smaller updates during the week if warranted.

Developer diaries allow us to open it up so that our staff can go through their thought process and allow you to our team your burning questions!  And the first person stepping up will be Project Phoenix composer Tomoki Miyoshi!

If you’ve been following the music development on Project Phoenix, you’ll know that Tomoki’s showcased the theme for the Elven Glades on the CIA Soundcloud account and has a few other Elf-related themes in the pipeline.  Professionally, Tomoki’s also composed music for the SoulCalibur franchise.  Feel free to submit any questions you may have for him in the comments section by Wednesday so we have enough time to compile and send to him!

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