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Project Phoenix - Post-Funding Update #30 & 31

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-03 00:24:29

Project Phoenix has two more post-funding updates in the last week.

The first update is about crowdfunding in Japan.

Crowdfunding and "Cool Japan"

This week brings us a bit of an interesting discussion on Crowdfunding and "Cool Japan" which was brought to light through this article that appeared in Nikkei, Japan's largest business publication.  For those of you who can't read it, the gist of it is that the concept of crowdfunding is in its nascent state in Japan but it can become a viable funding model for anime and Japan-based projects, particularly in light of the success that Little Witch Academia and Project Phoenix (wooo!) have experienced!

The second update is the promised Q&A with Cinematic Artist Koya Takashashi.

How did you get involved in Project Phoenix? Which is the main inspiration for your work in this project?

Mr. Yura invited me to work on the project and I actually didn’t even imagine that this project would grow so big in the beginning.

As it is my first time taking part in game development, I've listened carefully to other illustrators’ thoughts. Also, since Mr. Yura has a very detailed idea of the final image of the game, there are many times where I try to bring the designs as close as possible to his thoughts.

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