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Project Phoenix - The Director and Producer

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-28 00:55:33

Project Phoenix has a new update. While it has nothing to do with the game it talks about The Director and Producer of the game.

I'd like to show everyone what I do besides being the Director and Producer for Phoenix, and what I'm capable of delivering with the people I work with. This is a promotional video for the game "Majin Station" by LEVEL 5. The animation is done by the same studio that does the Evangelion films, Khara (they are basically the same people from GAINAX who has taken over production of the series), and I co-ordinated, supervised and directed the music and SFX. The music is done by our very own Tomoki Miyoshi who will also be taking part with Project Phoenix.

Obviously, to do something of this quality would take a huge chunk of our budget away. I'd like to do something more, but it looks like "now" is not the time. We'd like to use our funds wisely and focus on a great content ie. a great fun game.

That been said, now you know where I come from and the quality in which we work.

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