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Project Phoenix - Two More Updates

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-23 01:17:21

Project Phoenix has two more updates on the games kickstarter website.

Update#6 deals with the Music and answers a few questions.

Music from Project Phoenix plays a large part in our game. There are several reasons to this, and one of the main reason is that I started out in this industry as a Music Director.

So today, I'd like to start off by talking to you about our core values of music in our game.

1) Music is awesome. Music can portray what picture can't and it gives colour to the very air you're breathing. The beauty is they are so much emotions that can be interpreted in many different ways by different people. It makes a scene memorable and gets gamers pumped for battle.

2) Music isn't everything. Time and time again, as a Music Director, I remind my composers that music isn't everything. Us, servants of music is always at the mercy of the "picture". We write music to "picture". We support and buff the picture to make the whole experience so much better. And of course, the picture means nothing without the game. In the end, we don't mean or amount to much without the game itself.

3) Less can be more. You really can't appreciate or know true happiness without experiencing sorrow. You won't know what loud is, without knowing soft. I believe that we shouldn't assault gamers with a tsunami wall of sound. Just because there's more people in the orchestra, it doesn't make the music more epic or awesome. Just because we're using silence, it doesn't mean we're lazy. We want to use "less" to good effect.

And Update#7 talks about a few minor topics.

Gameplay update coming soon

We're preparing a video on gameplay and we think we might be able to release it on Monday. We don't really know yet for sure, as we may just look at it after the edit and squirm and whinge... but we promise you to do our best since this is the most important update as we need to address the most important issue, what will the gameplay be like?

The video will basically have myself trying very hard to explain what it is going to be like and some illustrations to embellish on my point. The actual gameplay footage... is very far from ready so please understand that that won't be out for a while.

An official wiki page opens!

We've partnered with the fantastic folks at and our official wiki has opened at the link below. Check it out!

Sylrianah themed Wallpaper

Since we are preparing for a largeish update and also working on several promotional activities, we couldn't really get you a nice chunky update today. So we decided to release some wallpapers of Princess Sylrianah so won't rage over the tiny update. We're sorry!

It's only in two sizes for now, but we will definitely listen to requests of other wallpaper sizes. You can download them from the link below:


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