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Project Phoenix - Update #1, Online Play and Offline Play

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-14 01:14:33

Project Phoenix has almost tripled it's funding in two days, and has a new update to go along with it.

$300,000! Thank you so for helping us reach our first stretch goal!  The additional models, and extended music will allow us to create a better gaming experience for you, and all future gamers of Project Phoenix.  As an additional treat, we've discussed your concerns over DRM, and have decided on the following two modes of play: 

Online Play - internet connection required

Players will use their login ID and password for their account to log in. However, you will have access to the following online services:

1) Claiming Kickstarter Reward Items

2) Online profiles (more to be explained in coming weeks)

3) Gain Achievements

4) Accessing your saved games from any operating system on any machine

5) Access to Updates and Bug fixes

6) Multiplayer - if the upcoming stretch goal is reached

Offline Play - no internet connection required

After entering the activation key, the game will be able to play in Offline Playwithout requiring an internet connection or you to login.

You may install the game onto multiple computers. The save data will be stored locally and is transferable between different computers. Only the single player feature will be available of the game.

* Offline Play saves will not be able to access Online content .

** Online Play will not be affected by internet shortages during single player play, as it will continue to sync until successful - we are currently working out the details to prevent abuse if this happens.

So the good news is that you can choose between Online and Offline styles of gameplay, and between these different styles for each save that you create. We hope we have answered our backer's calls for a DRM free version of the game!

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