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Project Phoenix - Update#8, New Hires & Characters

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-25 00:48:03

Creative Intelligence Arts has another update for Project Phoenix going into detail about the games characters.

As Project Phoenix continues to take form, we continue to add more people to the team whose experience and expertise match the project’s scope and scale. The two people we're proud to introduce today are Asami Hagiwara and Koji Moriga!

Asami Hagiwara’s work can be prominently seen in MOGRA Paper, the monthly newspaper released by the famous club in Akihabara of the same name that’s known for hosting DJs spinning video game, anime, and doujin music. Hagiwara will be hard at work, bringing her delightful “chibi” designs unto our characters. 

And then there’s Koji Moriga, whose name might raise an eyebrow, but whose work should be familiar to many of you. Titles like the Starship Troopers animated movie and Space Pirate Captain Harlock are but mild samplings of what he has done. This guy knows his monsters, having done many of the monster designs for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin and will contribute that expertise and much much more as he populates Azuregard in all its monstrous glory!

Marcus and his band

Here is the very first look into the characters of Project Phoenix. These are obviously rough sketches and WIP based on the description GONTARO received from Yoko Enoki and not reflective of the final design/quality.

Until we finalise the designs and touch up on the quality, we'll not announce who they are and what they do, but we will tell you we are missing two more characters. This is not your usual modern day JRPG, and I hope you see why from this art.

If you want to download a bigger version of the art, please visit the link below.

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