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Risen 3: Titan Lords - Patch 1.2 Released

by Couchpotato, 2015-02-10 00:59:33

Deep Silver & Piranha Bytes quietly released a new patch this week for Risen 3. If it wasn't for a post from DArtagnan I would have never found out about the patch.

Changelog Risen 3 Patch 1.20

New Feature:

  • New difficulty mode "Ultra". In Ultra mode the player is not invincible anymore while evading and there is a cooldown while using healing potions


  • Balancing adjustments in final sea serpent fights
  • Exploit fix: Jaffar doesn't multiply the value of collected gold pouches anymore


  • Fixed issue where the player got stuck while jumping after climbing a ladder
  • Fixed issue where the player was unable to find the shimmering pearl in collected shells for the "The Sign of the Ancients" quest
  • Fixed crash when Jaffar tries to collect an item which is currently under telekinesis by the player
  • New session: Fixed rarely occurring issue where corpses were removed from the world so that some quests couldn't be resolved (Honor the Dead, Lost in the forbidden valley,...)
  • New session: In some rare cases, there where issues with Zacharias teleport onto Skullisland. Zacharias will now be teleported correctly.

This patch is only meant for the DRM-free retail edition. The patch is cumulative, working for all earlier game versions. Owners of the Steam version should update the game via Steam. In some cases Avast Antivirus causes error messages, when starting the game the first time. Don't mind. Nevertheless the games works fine.

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