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RPGWatch - Tortured Hearts Interview

by Myrthos, 2015-05-13 13:36:55

In one of his last interviews for RPGWatch, Couchpotato talks with the developers of the Tortured Hearts NWN mods, and also discusses their commercial game called Tortured Hearts: Or how I saved the Universe. Again.

RPGWatch: How many hours of development time did you put into creating the mods, and did you ever think it wasn't worth it to continue development?

Zoltán: Each mod took about 4000 hours, the second one maybe a bit more. I had some helpers for both and they should be recognized. For Tortured Hearts 1, there was Lenore and about a dozen helpful people who helped me with proofreading.  For Tortured Hearts 2 there was a very large contribution to dialog by Jim Grimsley, an American novelist with plenty of books to his credit. It was especially helpful that he knew how to use the Aurora editor so all I had to do was write the scripts for his conversations. He also did quite a bit of proofreading. Other contributors to Tortured Hearts 2 were András Gáspár, a Hungarian sci-fi/fantasy novelist and of course, Lenore again as a proofreader and tester but at that time our relationship turned to friendship and we were already discussing a possible cooperation for a sequel.
On top of this there was the NWN community which shared so many good models and other supplements for all the mods. I did the area creation, scripting and story arrangement.

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