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Scarlet Republics - Update

by Hiddenx, 2021-02-26 18:16:23

Vanedor spotted a Kickstarter-update for Scarlet Republics:

Update by Olmo

Dear backers,

I hope you are doing well out there.

We haven't sent out an update in a long time, so this one is long overdue. Sorry for leaving you without info for so long. Let me give you a little bit of background to why we haven't sent out updates. Then, we will treat you to a short story set in the world of Corsano, written by one of our new members, Vili. We are incredibly lucky to have him on board, he is a talented writer that really can lift the story-writing up to the next level.

In the last two months, we have been restructuring the company and reforming the team, with old people leaving and new people joining. It was quite challenging and took a lot of work to onboard new members and to get good teamwork flowing. We had to get adjusted to working remotely, and it's still not optimal. Being together in the same room just has a certain magic to it.

Furthermore, we decided to focus most of our efforts on a smaller work for hire project. Work on Scarlet Republics was limited to the story and world-building. We wanted to make sure we are not stretching ourselves thin, so we made sure to work only on one project at a time. The side project helps us pay the bills, and, because of its smaller scope, is a good opportunity for us to refine our processes and pipelines. It's an investment, to have things run more smoothly in the future.

The combination of a lot of new realities to deal with, coupled with a quasi pause of the production on Scarlet Republics, is the reason for the silence from our side. We got sidetracked, and kept pushing the next update for you folks further and further. In hindsight, what we should have done is to give you guys an insight into our plans, and telling you that we would be away for a bit – lesson learned.

We are now back working on Scarlet Republics with the full team, and we are planning to keep you in the loop by posting monthly updates from now on. Our progress will be a bit slow here in the beginning, but I expect us to pick up the pace as we go forward.


Now, to the main part of this update. I am excited to share with you this piece written by Vili, our writer. We follow a quite unusual day of a young shepherd boy from a village in the uplands of Cetona. I hope you will enjoy it just as much as we did!


That's it from me for this time, I wish you well and good fortune.


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