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Spellforce 3 - Preview @GamePressure

by Silver, 2016-09-28 03:12:01

GamePressure previews Spellforce 3 and asks if the mix of RTS and RPG will work in this incarnation of the series.

In the upcoming installment of the SpellForce series, the players will revisit the land of Eo, this time uncovering its past. If you had played the previous parts, you will remember that after the tragic ritual of convocation, Eo was divided into small islands, which came out untouched only thanks to the power of the main god of the land. He created great columns, in his honor called the stones of Aonir, thanks to which the chunks of land surrounding these shrines made it through the catastrophe. In SpellForce 3, we will visit Eo before this cataclysm and learn more about the events that led to it.

We know where the action takes place, and we also know who the antagonist is going to be. In the third SpellForce, the players' nemesis will be the mysterious faction of Arcane. But these are about the only things we know about the story. That, plus the fact that finishing the whole thing will take around 30 hours. However, the developers emphasized that this is only counting the time required for finishing the main storyline - additionally, the game will offer, among others, combat against AI or other players online. It's hard to tell what the end result will be - the developers spoke of co-op dungeon raids and complex social mechanics modeled on, but their words seem to suggest that they exaggerated a bit announcing this mode with such a flair.

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