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Spellforce 3 - Review @ Gamingbolt

by Hiddenx, 2017-12-20 20:31:10

Gamingbolt has reviewed Spellforce 3:

Spellforce 3 Review – The Magic Of Mixture

Better than the sum of its parts, Spellforce 3 is a captivating mix.

The glorious “PC Master Race” enjoys some pretty layered games on the regular, with experiences like Starcraft, Elite Dangerous and Diablo that ask far more of the player and their input device than most consoles will dare. We don’t see many Diablo-like dungeon crawler RPGs or RTS games on console because of how complex either genre can be on its own. Spellforce 3 then, is a curious experiment. Taking the mechanics of both a hero driven RPG in the vein of a Diablo and layering in a Real Time Strategy system to create something that when separated out aren’t anything too special, but somewhat click when together.


  • Great quest design, RTS and RPG gameplay fit great together, the gameplay can flit between personal RPG battles to massive RTS skirmishes with relative ease, and the world you do it in has a massive sense of scale and great colours.


  • Some clunky control systems such as camera, setting isn't nearly as fresh as the system's level mechanics to the point of some minor distraction.

Final Verdict
Two great game genres that play great together, Spellforce 3 isn't anything special in any one area but the combination of the elements adds enough that it should keep players coming back for a long time.

Score: 7/10

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