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Spellforce 3 - Review @ GRS

by Hiddenx, 2017-12-22 10:33:13

GRS has reviewed the Strategy/RPG mix Spellforce 3:


Spellforce 3 Review

When it comes to the medieval fantasy genre, there are two game types that spring to mind: the hero (or band of heroes) driven RPG (think Dungeon Siege or the recent Divinity: Original Sin II); and the resource-gathering, army-building RTS (think Warcraft III or this year’s Northgard). Spellforce is a game that aims to combine the two, offering a band of heroes looking to explore mythical lands in pursuit of an all-powerful enemy while also gathering resources, expanding settlements, and recruiting armies for battle. Does it manage to strike a balance between the two genres, offering the best of both worlds? Or does it satisfy neither RPG nor RTS cravings? These were the questions I had in mind as I played.

Spellforce 3, just like its predecessors, takes two popular genres and combines them into an interesting game. It may not have the in-depth character development of an RPG or the detailed strategy of an RTS game, but the crossover works. Confusing default controls affect navigation and movement of units to an extent but well-designed and easy access options in close combat can be a virtual lifesaver. Fans of both game types will enjoy the game though hardcore devotees of either genre may prefer to stick to their favourites.


  • Interesting blend of RPG and RTS genres
  • Well-designed real time close combat controls
  • Immersive visual world and lore
  • Proactive developers making regular patches and hot fixes


  • Awkward default controls for selecting units and navigating the map
  • Large scale battles usually come down to numbers over strategy
  • Loading screens...

Score: 7/10 - Good

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