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Spellforce 3 - Two more Reviews

by Hiddenx, 2018-01-10 20:56:53

Farflame spotted two reviews for Spellforce 3:

The Koalition: Score: 84%


Spellforce 3 Review

Not all games are going to be winners, just as not all games will be losers. Some raise the bar for the industry while others lower it, and some do not move the bar at all. Spellforce 3 is one of those titles that does nothing to improve or diminish the standard. The gameplay is intricate in some areas and flat in others, the story is irrelevant, the audio is well-executed but not inventive, and the graphics are superb. The game is by no means a flop, but it is not a title people will be praising for years to come. In short, Spellforce 3 is worth a look, but not for the USD$50.00 price tag.

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