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Square Collective - War of Zodiarcs

by Couchpotato, 2014-09-18 02:34:06

There's a new game on the Square Collective called War of Zodiarcs looking for votes to get Squaresoft's support for a new Indiegogo campaign. Here are the details.

What is War of Zodiarcs?

War of Zodiarcs is a classic Tactical JRPG that mixes traditional tactical gameplay with the thrill of cards and dice. Follow the journey of a young hero who must lead his party into the heart of an enemy nation and learn that sometimes the burden of becoming the man everyone expects, can be too much to bear.

A game that blends Tactical JRPG, cards, and dice to create an exciting new gaming experience that requires tactical, minute-to-minute planning in every battle. Planned release for PC, console, and handheld gaming devices (PSVita & N3DS).

Why Tactical?

War of Zodiarcs is inspired by our love of tactical games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, where you were required to think and plan ahead as your small group takes on a superiorly numbered force. In War of Zodiarcs, you determine your angle of attack, position your units, and take out your enemies in your march towards victory.
Why Cards and Dice?

We want to capture the experience of boardgames with War of Zodiarcs. Specifically, the experience of drawing cards and rolling dice. That emotional rollercoaster where you’re filled with anticipation and tension as you prepare to flip the card or throw the dice, and then fist-pump in success when you get the result you want! Or that pleasant surprise when you get something you didn’t expect but realize it opens up a whole new tactical approach that you didn’t see before...


We love JRPGs. They are what truly got us into gaming in the first place. With War of Zodiarcs, we want to stay true to what we love about JRPGs. Namely, the deep narrative with a large cast of complex and flawed characters that engage you on an emotional level, all taking place within a colorful and lore-filled world. War of Zodiarcs is a “coming of age” story that captures the hardship of growing up. Becoming an adult is not as simple as time passing; it's about responsibility, suffering, and personal sacrifice, and we want to tell that tale in War of Zodiarcs.

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