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Startrail HD - FAQ

by Hiddenx, 2015-11-23 22:21:02

Kordanor spotted and translated two FAQ-blog-entries for Realms of Arkania II: Startrail HD:

On the 5th of November Crafty Studius announced that they continue working on Startrail HD, the next chapter of the Realms of Arkania Trilogy.
Back then they mentioned that it's based on the patched version of Blade of Destiny HD but also that some elements like character models will be reworked.

Now they released two FAQ blog entries. As they are German only here are some shortened summaries:

Part 1:
…bug free would be nice
They are aware that the release of Blade of Destiny was quite bad and they don't want to repeat it.
They think they can achieve that by already having a better base to work on and a group of beta testers which also significantly helped with the last patches (some of the patch content was indeed from the community).
In addition they will also have an open early access phase.

What is going to change with the Combat System?
They will overhaul big parts of the combat including new animations. More details will follow.

When will Early Access start and when will the game release?
They estimate that EA will start in summer 2016. Neither price nor exact dates are set in stone yet. Release is planned for 3rd quarter 2016.

Part 2:
Will you be able to import your party from Blade of Destiny?
It's being discussed a lot, but the general answer is yes. But as Blade of Destiny has more content than the original game from 1992 and also gave more Experience Points, new characters will start on level 5 this time and will rise to 6 shortly after start of the game.
As XP are decreasing the higher you are compared to your opponents, new parties will catch up quite fast.

Will you be able to enter the settlements which you couldn't in the original?
Yes. You will be enter all settlements. To visualize it they will take lore from existing DSA rulebooks.

Will you have a log-book again?
Yes. They will also implement some comfort functions like a search for text strings in dialogues. You will also be able to make notes on maps.

Will Startrail be moddable?
Yes. And even more than Blade of Destiny. Also thanks to the new version of the unity engine.

Will you implement the improvements to Blade of Destiny as well?
No definite answer yet. "Maybe". First they plan on make Startrail to the best experience possible. After that they will check if they can implement improvements to Blade of Destiny. But if it happens it will definitely be after release of Star Trail.

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