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Sword and Fairy 7 - Review @ COG

by Hiddenx, 2022-08-05 12:34:06

COG checked out Sword and Fairy 7 aka Sword and Fairy: Together Forever:

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Review – Surprising and Satisfying Action

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Review

No gamer has the time or money to keep up with every release, even in genres they enjoy. So, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve never heard of the Sword and Fairy series of games. The Chinese franchise of RPGs has been beloved in Asia since the late 1990s, but only recently have the games appeared in the West. Sword and Fairy 7 dropped on the PC this year. Now it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and 5 as Sword and Fairy: Together Forever. No matter what you call it, fans of action RPGs and good storytelling have a little-known treat in store.


From PC to PlayStation

I did not play the PC version of Sword and Fairy: Together Forever (i.e. Sword and Fairy 7), but it seems to have been beset by performance issues and bugs. On the PS5, there were few issues aside from an occasional framerate stutter in some of the cutscenes and very minor and rare scenery pop-in. Everything looked sharp and gameplay was fluid.

Unfamiliar with the franchise, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by Sword and Fairy: Together Forever. Although its pacing may frustrate impatient gamers, its story is worth telling. With outstanding art direction, music, and combat mechanics, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever should appeal to fans of sprawling RPGs. While the player can sometimes feel like an observer rather than a participant, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is welcoming to newcomers. It may still be a niche series, but Sword and Fairy Together Forever cements the franchise’s viability for a larger audience.

Score: 89/100

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