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Tabula Rasa - Feedback Friday

by Woges, 2008-06-30 21:05:36

 Preview of the latest update coming to TR.

New Shotguns!

Two new incendiary shotguns will be making their way to you in Deployment 10. These aren’t your grandpa’s shotguns - they are equipped with not one, but two and three barrels for the ultimate Bane killing experience.

  • Double-barrel shotguns: Will appear at Level 23. These shotguns do more damage that standard shot guns, but don’t get too trigger happy just yet. These shotguns fire slower, consume twice the ammo, and gain heat faster.
  • Tri-barrel shotguns: Will appear at Level 34. These shotguns do more damage as well, and have a wider arc. And just like the double-barrel shotguns, you must be wise with your shots, because in addition to their awesome fire power, these shotguns fire slower, consume triple the ammo, and gain heat faster than standard shotguns.
These new shotguns are just a thin-slice of our overall goal to improve player customization. We will be releasing more and more weapon upgrades like these shotguns in future deployments.


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