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Tabula Rasa - Hybrid Races Video & Q&A @

by Inauro, 2008-01-29 20:51:10 catches up with Paul Sage, Lead Designer for Tabula Rasa, to discuss the addition of hybrid races to the sci-fi MMO. Can you explain how the concept of hybrids came about? What made you decide to put them in the game?

Paul Sage: Community feedback had a lot to do with this. Richard felt strongly that the story of Tabula Rasa was a human story. Throughout the history of his games, it has been about the player actually being in the world. So it seemed natural that at launch we told the human story. The internal and external community feedback was that they wanted to play alien races as well. So now it is time to tell the story, still human, but with a twist, or a splice, if you prefer, of alien DNA.


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