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Tabula Rasa: Interview @ Computer Games Online

by Inauro, 2006-06-20 07:02:00
Computer Games Online speaks with Starr Long, Producer of Tabula Rasa, about the upcoming MMO.
What is the meaning behind the title Tabula Rasa? What is the storyline of the game?

Long ago the alien race known as the Eloh were the first star-faring species. They were masters of the science of Logos, the ability to manipulate matter and energy through the power of the mind. They traveled the universe sharing their knowledge with less advanced species. One of these species, the Thrax, used this knowledge to wage war with the Eloh. This led to a schism among the Eloh. Some wanted to continue sharing the knowledge; others wanted to use the knowledge to enslave and control the universe. This latter group became known as The Bane. The Bane waged a galactic war against the Eloh of which Earth is one of the latest victims. Earth is invaded by the Bane and humanity is scattered to the stars. The game takes place on various planets that are under siege by the Bane.
Source: Computer Games Online

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