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Tabula Rasa - Interview @ GamersGlobal

by Inauro, 2007-11-04 21:03:40

GamersGlobal has a very short and to the point interview with Richard Garriott about his latest MMO outing, Tabula Rasa.

GG: How big was your involvement in the creation of Ultima Online?

Richard Garriott: The producer and director of UO was Starr Long, who really is the person that deserves the most credit for Ultima Online. However, I was still very involved throughout that project as a designer. And we have a very similar relationship on Tabula Rasa, where it is Starr who’s managing the team, managing the purse and the process of getting the game done. But even as I am the so called spiritual figurehead of the team or in the role of creative director, I am also a designer directly on the project itself. For example, I designed the Logos language that we use in the game. And also some of the main story threads.

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