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Tabula Rasa - Interview @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2007-09-15 01:46:01

RPG Vault chats to NCsoft's Victor Meinert and John Mueller about the art direction on Tabula Rasa.

Jonric: To get started, how did the art direction function on Tabula Rasa come to be split? What are the advantages and pitfalls, and what's the actual division of responsibilities?

Victor Meinert:
When Starr Long and I were originally drafting out the structure for Destination Games, which was acquired by NCsoft in 2001, we had each had our own experiences with large teams that compelled us to try for a structure that allowed for production and creative leadership to be held by a partnership. This approach made sense on two levels, one offering checks and balances, the other relief from the sheer scale of it all. So philosophically, I've held that view since we started the company. In a lot of ways, my relationship with John is a lot like the one between Richard Garriott and Starr.

Source: RPG Vault

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