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Tabula Rasa - Re-review @ Eurogamer

by Woges, 2008-04-21 17:18:27

Eurogamer seem to like doing re-reviews since they opened up the MMO portion of their site. This time Tabula Rasa gets 7/10.

Yet it's also, by many accounts, a commercial disaster. Server populations are low, there was talk of guilds defecting from the game within months of launch, and despite a strong denial from publishers NCsoft, a Korean newspaper piece slamming the game as an expensive failure for the firm elicited a nod-and-wink "no smoke without fire" response from many quarters.

In public, NCsoft remains completely supportive of Tabula Rasa - dedicated to a programme of ongoing improvement and upgrades, and even to an expansion pack down the line. Privately, however, the company must be asking itself where it all went wrong.

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