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Tabula Rasa - Review @ GameZone

by Inauro, 2007-11-13 21:27:05

GameZone awards Richard Garriott's latest MMO venture a very respectable score of 8.6 in its review of Tabula Rasa.

First and foremost, TR plays off a familiar theme – invasion of the Earth. In TR’s universe, the Earth was not only invaded, but defeated. The Bane are the world-hopping force that will subvert what it can, and destroy what it cannot. The governments of Earth saw it coming and though the world was lost, some were saved. You are one of the survivors. As part of the AFS (a rag-tag allied force of the survivors from conquered worlds; AFS stands for Allied Free Sentients), you begin the stand against the Bane on Foreas, a forest-covered world where the inhabitants lived in harmony with the land … well, until the Bane showed up. Now the pristine landscape is dotted with twisted shapes and blood-red vines. Even some of the tribal members are … well, let’s leave that for you to discover as you play the game.

Source: GameZone

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