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Tabula Rasa - What Makes Games Die?

by Woges, 2009-01-29 16:26:35

Editorial at TTH on the death of TR.

Early in development we clearly see the first of several reasons of why Tabula Rasa never made it into it's full potential.  The game was completely revamped from the original design premise and while this isn't completely unheard of, the lack of direction amongst the ranks was clearly effecting the quality of the game being produced.  Bringing in new devs to work on the project and redoing so much of the game showed a weakness that really is hard to overcome.  Dev teams need to work closely together in a connective unity in order for a game to find their groove and I believe that lacking clear direction and having a team that was less than committed to their project goals hurt TR irrevocably.

Source: Blues News

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