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Tortured Hearts - Demo available

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-28 19:29:21

Tortured Hearts will be released on March 1st. You can check out 1/3 of the game already, because SubBassman just released a free demo on Steam:

Tortured Hearts demo is available now!

It covers 1/3 of the entire game without any particular restriction.
One of the NPCs will notify you if the demo concludes.
Please tell us if you find any issues. (teleportgameshq(at)
On this link you can find a very very spoilerish description of quests.
Don't read it, unless you are really stuck! No, really. :)
This list is not complete, it'll be expanded over time.

Read the pdf document attached on Steam, please.
Also, consult the in-game HELP section for important info.
Don't forget to buff yourself all the time.
A few people can have motion sickness due to the FPS view.
In order to mitigate it, you can adjust camera FOV by the mouse wheel.
Also, you can turn the targeter off which helps a bit.



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