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Tortured Hearts - Development Update

by Hiddenx, 2017-01-03 09:46:06

Subbassman posted some interesting news about his RPG Tortured Hearts:

Hi there friends,

We would like to update you about what we have achieved so far regarding Tortured Hearts: Or How I Saved the Universe. Again. and what is still in the way of finishing it.

It may seem that it's taking forever: one of the most important facts to understand about this progress is that ONE person has done most of the work steadily, with intermittent help from about 5-6 others. This is not a lot of manpower for a game of this size and scope, but it's what we could afford.

The game is in very good shape now. Since we did not continuously have a dedicated 3D artist, we had to purchase about 90% of the models from the Unity Asset Store or other commercial sources and adapt them to work in the game. Almost all the graphic assets are now in the game. At the moment this is 1644 inventory items, 1000 interactive placeables, 1016 creature instances, and 185 areas (all that were originally planned in our Neverwinter Nights module mock-up): a huge achievement.Though this is already an asset-rich game, we have planned it so it could be embellished and enriched further.

Some item property highlights--these give boosts when equipped or used:

Personal stats, elemental resistance, action point, attack/damage (absolute & relative percentage), elemental damage, alchemic damage, slayer, vorpal, toxic, regeneration (combat only), damage over time (combat only), race-specific attack/damage/slayer, parry, dodge, threat, outgoing and incoming healing amplification, immunities and some others.

Base playable characters are human male and female. All features are implemented, although a few are still buggy. Much as we want other playable races, each race and gender is a huge new modeling demand.

There are now 114 quests ready to go, plus outlines for 30 more contingent on funding. (see below) Many quests will have alternate ways of accomplishment and alternate outcomes.

COMBAT! Everyone's favorite topic

Combat is not interactive on character level: meaning you can't control your characters individually. It is turn-based, directive-based, and uses aggro-management. This means you can mitigate or amplify your aggro generation via equipment or combat directives, so basically tanking is possible. Healing generates aggro.

The higher your level of a particular combat skill is, the more options your character's AI can choose from and the greater damage he/she can inflict.

You can automate rounds or intervene between them using potions, bombs, special items and instruct your characters to behave differently as a team in the next round. In other words, you can set AI directives between rounds, for all of the party characters as a team.

The base combat styles are warrior, arcane caster, and divine healer. Melee styles are: HtH, small melee weapons up to bastard sword size (single wield), shield usage (small & large).

Other options are flee, berserk or parley.

As soon as TH can legitimately be called in beta status, we may launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for help to create more polish: intro and outro, voice acting, more CUSTOM models for henchmen and playable races, for instance.

When? Well... whatever the time frame, we won't start until the basic game is playable in beta.

Some campaign stretch goals: if we had the $$$$

  1. More companions
  2. Up to 30 of the omitted quests
  3. Bardic Combat Style
  4. Roguish Combat Style
  5. Psionic Combat Style
  6. Dwarf and elf playable characters, maybe gnomes and halflings too
  7. Tower Shields
  8. Two-handed melee weapons
  9. Oriental weapons
  10. Impromptu weapons like broken bottles or chair legs
  11. Throwing Weapons
  12. Bows
  13. Dual wield
  14. Crafting (Fishing, Gold Panning, Herbalist, Alchemy, Mining, Junk Art, Ragpicker)
  15. RND Item Generator
  16. Voice for VIP NPCs
  17. Voice for Greater NPCs

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