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Tortured Hearts - Kickstarter Campaign

by Dhruin, 2012-03-24 21:55:24

Zoltan Gonda contacted us about their Kickstarter campaign for Tortured Hearts: Or, How I Saved the Universe. Again. , a humorous indie RPG they are currently developing. The project is party-based and uses a 3D cartoon style - currently they are taking feedback on whether to make combat RT or turn-based. Here's a snip from their Kickstarter page and you can also check out the official site.

Tortured Hearts: Or, How I Saved the Universe. Again. (TM)

is an epicly epic, light-hearted RPG, dedicated to the proposition that most RPGs take themselves far too seriously. Since almost every imaginable plot scenario and character has already been used and overused to the point that cliches are unavoidable, TH instead revels in pointing out that the life of adventurers is one endless heroic cliche, some sort of existential trap created by the gods of RPG worlds. In other word, it has everything every other RPG game ever had, and introspective humor too. [...]

The Gameplay

Tortured Hearts™ is a typical old-school RPG, the kind that other nice people are trying to revive as well. There are six playable races: human, elf, half orc, halfling, dwarf, and gnome.The PC appearance can be modified as to head and gear. Races have different starting statistics as in most RPG. Character skills (e.g. communication) and abilities (e.g. strength) can be developed freely. There are no predetermined classes with built-in limitations, only trends which you can follow or not. Besides skills and abilities, there are sidelines, which are crafting skills that can earn gold and other rewards. You don’t have to be a crafter to get what you need. Generally speaking, the game world is rich and generous. You don’t have to play nice all the time although you will probably do better if you aren’t playing the jerk role. There are often ways to solve problems that don’t involve killing something.You can access all companion inventories. You can also train them individually and use their skills and abilities to make up for your own limits. They can help you automatically or you can tell them to bug off, you want to do it yourself. Combat is party based and real time, with tactical choices in the process: BUT, if we get a lot of feedback requesting turn-based combat, we can do that instead. Combat uses a party controller widget. 

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Tortured Hearts

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