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Van Helsing: Final Cut - The Road to, Parts 8-11

by Myrthos, 2015-09-14 12:43:47

Here are a few more articles about the road to Van Helsing, Final Cut. Also note that the game's release date is set to the 23rd of this month.

Part 8 Borgovia:

Oh, the places you’ll go! The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing take place in the small country of Borgovia, but it doesn’t mean that there’s little to see. Quite the contrary!

In the upcoming Final Cut, you’ll be able to see even more of this incredible country: explore its darkest corners, get lost in its twisted city-scapes, rest a bit in an almost peaceful settlement, or just encounter a place so weird, that it can’t even be explained.

Part9, The Lair:

Every monster hunter needs a nice place to return to for trading, resting, maybe decorating a little bit: in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, this place is The Lair.
This place was founded by the original, old Van Helsing, in the old dungeons under the city. Since then, Borgova has grown and is powered by weird technology, so the Lair isn’t just a hidden, dark, empty place like its name suggests: things happen here. Plans are made. Events are set in motion. After finding this place, you may return here every time you want, you’ll need to, and even if you don’t, you definitely should. Here you can retreat from the everyday battles and do some chatting with the folks who live here: getting new quests, resetting your skills, trading are the main reason for doing so.

Part 10, Story Campaign

We already talked about the massive endgame content of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, covering challenges, daily quests, events and scenarios. Final Cut will expand the game into something epic, more balanced, streamlined with the long term playtime in mind… but, all this has a very important foundation: the story campaign. You should play it, because it invites you to a Gothic Noir / Steampunk world inpsired heavily by weird fiction and Slavic folklore.

Part 11, Reception:

Talking about the reception of our games can be a double-edged sword, but The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing comes from a small independent studio (from a small country), and feedback was crucial in its development, every bit of media coverage helped. There was no way around it, so we have to acknowledge the importance of the reception.

NeocoreGames attempted two very ambitious things at once: 1. going independent and 2. developing an Action-RPG. We talked before about how the trilogy format came to be, how the manageable sizes helped to create essentially… the Final Cut. It’s a very risky project that was reinforced by the unexpected amount of feedback, and a surprising positive reception.

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