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VtM: Bloodlines - Antitribu Mod Released

by Couchpotato, 2015-02-09 05:00:05

A mod for VtM: Bloodlines called Antitribu was released this week on ModDB, and adds a ton of new content to the game. So lets get the description out of the way first.

Bloodlines Antitribu is mod/expansion developed for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines – a classic game based on the PnP world of darkness. Here you can find a full list of changes.

Added over seven new clans each with completely new character models and unique traits. Each clan also comes with a signature Discipline, all of which are completely unique and special with new mechanics unknown to the game such as summoning Zombies and Shadow Tentacles, turning into an actual Cobra that spits venomous acid or a true horrid form which only nightmares are made of. To get a glimpse of what clans are included see “About the Clans“.

Unique mechanics are also introduced in the mod, such as kicking and blocking with shields which makes combat even more complex and exciting than before. However do note that the enemies have also grown smarter and now have new powers and abilities, some of which can be devastating to the inexperienced neonate.

Another unique mechanics added to the game are the NPC Disciplines. In the original game, some enemies possessed only passive effects and auras, now they have active disciplines. This means that the enemy can cast powerful spells and disciplines that can change the tide of the battle.

Over 600 new friendly and not so friendly characters were added, which vary from humanoids like hunters, vampires, mages and zombies to more complex creatures such as new monster bosses which can be discovered in the game.

You find can more information and videos on the mods webpage.

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