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Weird West - Patch 1.05 with Mod Support

by Hiddenx, 2022-11-21 21:18:38

WolfEye Studios released patch 1.05 for Weird West, fixing a few bugs and introducing support for mods. One of the showcased mods adds first-person view:

Weird West Patch 1.05 launches with mod support + First-Person mod!

Weird West Patch 1.05 is now live. This new free update introduces mod support for the game and fixes a handful of bugs reported by the community.

Edit: please note that due to a technical issue the release of patch 1.05 on the Epic Game Store has been delayed but should be available within 24 hours (the build update is just pending Epic approval but is all ready to go!)

You can now browse and install mods directly from the in-game mod menu, courtesy of!

We threw in a few sample mods for you to toy with as a starter pack:

  • Gender Swap mod: lets you swap the visual gender of the Bounty Hunter, Pigman, Protector and Devotee
  • Undead Animals mod: lets you swap animals' visual model for undead variations
  • Long Lasting Tools mod: new shovels, pickaxes, and skinning tools will have increased durability
  • No Friendly Fire mod: disables friendly fire even in higher difficulty modes


Thanks Redglyph!

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