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Wildermyth - Preview @ RPS

by Hiddenx, 2021-06-09 21:24:00

Rock Paper Shotgun checked out Wildermyth, which will be released on June 15:

Procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth emerges from early access

Every adventure creates a new crew

What happens when three farmers go on an adventure together? I've got no clue, because in Wildermyth it's a bit different each time. The tactical combat RPG tells procedural stories, allowing your characters to develop their own histories and relationships in each playthrough. Wildermyth is nearing the end of its own adventure, with a full launch planned for next week to cap off its time in early access. The developers have post launch plans, as so many do these days, but folks seem to have already been having a grand time with it throughout early access.

Wildermyth is sitting my personal shame pile, I'll admit. I thought it sounded neat as heck around its early access launch but time always seems to get away. Fortunately, Sin played it a lot. Like, a lot a lot. As someone who also tends to bang on about games I think are rad, I'll just let her tell you about why its characters are so neat.


Thanks Pladio!

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