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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Review @ PCMag

by Hiddenx, 2023-03-13 18:22:35

PCMag reviewed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty:

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Martial arts fantasy in the Three Kingdoms

If you need a little wuxia in your life, let Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty ($59.99) guide you through an action-packed, fantasy-fueled journey across ancient China. Developer Team Ninja has cooked up another action-RPG in the same vein as the crew's Sengoku-inspired Nioh games, but one that's set in China’s Three Kingdoms era instead of 17th-century Japan. Wo Long has a focus on parries and counters, a stamina system that encourages aggressive play, and a new jumping mechanic that spices up mobility. That said, this PC game isn't a complete success, suffering from drab stages and an incoherent narrative. Still, in terms of pure gameplay, Wo Long improves on the Nioh formula in many areas.


Should You Buy Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?
Wo Long makes excellent improvements to the Nioh formula. Aerial mobility, enhanced stealth attacks, and satisfying defensive options elevate the combat, while the Battle Set system is brilliant and streamlines the character-building process. However, the game starts to feel a bit repetitive by the halfway point, and the story isn’t nearly as interesting as the Nioh games despite the fascinating Three Kingdoms setting. But provided you don't mind these shortcomings and you love action, Wo Long won't steer you wrong.


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