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Sunday - April 15, 2007

Sunday - April 15, 2007 - Jay Moore Interview

by Inauro, 23:21

GamersInfo talks to Jay Moore, founder of the Indie Games Convention, about the roundtable discussion he is leading at this years IMGDC. On the IMGDC website the title of the roundtable you're leading is "The Right Fundementals: Tech, Talent & Target". From the description it sounds like just having a great idea for a game isn't enough. Why is being able to define your target market so important to an indie game developer?

Jay Moore: Creation of successful games is definitely more art than science, but combining the right elements is part of the alchemy. Finding the right tech resources and a team that has both the right talent and passion for making a specific game isn't easy. Keeping your game design in scope with the resources you have and still viable on the platforms your targeting seems to be nearly impossible even for well seasoned game developers. Making the right game with the right team to leverage the right market opportunity becomes the most challenging strategery.



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