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Monday - April 21, 2008
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Monday - April 21, 2008 - Interview @

by Asbjoern, 10:27

There's an interview at with Bruce Woodcock of He elaborates on his methodolgy, a game's lifecycle and a future projection on the World of Warcraft subscriber numbers:

Through doing these projections, Bruce has noticed a pattern in a game’s lifecycle. Most retail games follow the same pattern: they have a rapid rise for the first 1-2 years, level out for 2-4 years, then begin to decline. If the game has a poor launch (but a lot of hype), this “cycle” is often compressed into a single year or two. Some games are different, especially those that are digitally distributed such as EVE – these games seem to have a slow growth over time. Does that make digital distribution healthier for the long-term MMO? Too soon to know!One of Bruce’s future predictions is that World of Warcraft will hit 12 million subscribers in the next two years – let’s see if it comes true!

His charts were also updated the 10th of April.

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